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Master ‘The Three Cs’ of the Integrative Dentistry Practice Model!
The very latest on success with Clinical, Collaborative and Communication Protocols

Peter Evans, MS, DDS, MAGD
President, The BioCompatible Dentist, LLC
James Hyland, DDS
Oravital and BioFilmDNA, Founder and President
Doug Thompson, DDS
Founder of Integrative Oral Medicine
and the Wellness Dentistry Network
Mr. Roger Price
Founder of Breathing Well Pty Ltd
and Breathing Disordered Sleep
Concept Advocate

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Special Panel Discussion followed by Q&A Session

Previous installments of Practice Perfection have featured specific protocols and perspectives on how to embrace and successfully integrate an Integrative Dentistry practice model.

This Event will feature several respected and noted authorities on this vital topic.

Expect a stimulating, no holds barred exchange of, sometimes opposing, viewpoints.

Our goal, however, is not to generate heat, but to shed light, and that’s just what this Panel of Distinguished Experts will deliver on August 24th.

Attendees will hear from five professionals who have successfully integrated a Whole Person Dentistry model into practices nationally and internationally.

Don’t miss this opportunity to have your questions answered in real time by the ‘Dream Team’ of Integrative Oral Medicine!

Presentation was hosted by Daniel A. ‘Danny’ Bobrow, President of ADM

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