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Plan to Prosper: Take These 10 Simple Steps Today, and Sail Into Retirement!

Ted Schumann

Thursday, June 28, 2018

About Our Presenter

Ted Schumann

Ted Schumann

Ted Schumann is President of Dental Business Services (The DBS Companies). The practice originally served a variety of business sectors. In 1979, Ted joined his father, E.J. “Mike” Schumann. Within a decade, he founded The DBS Companies to exclusively serve the business needs of dentists. Today, it is but one of a number of business enterprises comprising The DBS Companies, delivering accounting, tax, financial and estate planning, practice brokerage, and practice management services for dentists.

Ted is a 1977 graduate of Western Michigan University, a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Business Counselor, and Certified Financial PlannerTM. He is a member in good standing of several prestigious industry organizations including the AICPA, ADCPA, Financial Planning Association, MACPA, ADS Transitions, and more.

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Regardless of where you are along your Career Path, planning for retirement can be the most important exercise you will perform. Properly planned and executed, it can mean the difference between happiness and fulfillment, and frustration and disappointment.

You’ve worked too hard not to reap the benefits of that work!

This session will present the Retirement Planning Process, and how Qualified Plans support it. Attendees receive an in depth understanding of the use of Roth contribution to a 401k plan, learn about the various Qualified Plan options available, how to maximize your contributions to your retirement plan, and illustrate optimal withdrawal strategies for your Qualified Plan from both lifestyle and tax advantage perspectives.

As an attendee you will learn:

  • How to “make your way to Freedom Day” when you will no longer need to work.
  • To plan for the financial and lifestyle aspects of retirement.
  • The Retirement Planning Processes – how to plan your work, and work your plan Social Security’s role in your plan
  • Creative cash flow generation tactics to assist in your retirement plan.
  • About Required Minimum Distributions – the optimal plan for taking withdrawals from your plan at retirement.

Presentation was hosted by Daniel A. ‘Danny’ Bobrow, President of ADM

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