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Dental Marketing Dashboard (DMD)
Takes Flight!

Following nearly five years of testing and development,
AIM Dental Marketing‘s Dental Marketing Dashboard (DMD)
is now available to solo and group practice owners, dental support organizations, and dental consultants.

Revolutionary interface delivers real time access to key performance indicators such as new patient source and return on investment.

“DMD is ideal for those practices who do not wish to ‘fly blind’ with their marketing investment; to hold their marketing consultant accountable for results.” Says ADM’s president and the visionary behind DMD Daniel A. ‘Danny’ Bobrow.

The motivation behind DMD is to address a persistent challenge faced by dentist and practice consultant alike; how to easily and simply, and in real time, identify and monitor their (or their client’s) dental marketing results.

DMD addresses this information void by delivering such vital practice statistics as: Patient Value (annual and lifetime); Patient Acquisition Cost, ROI by tactic (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Direct Mail, Public Relations, etc.); Team Batting Average (percentage of calls from new patients that convert into appointments), and more.

“As a dentist, dental school taught me how to diagnose and treat dental pathology; it did NOT teach me marketing.

Without marketing, the most gifted dentist will suffer.

Most dental practice management software systems do a poor job of reporting the key metrics of a dentist’s marketing efforts.

Danny Bobrow’s Dental Marketing Dashboard displays all vital metrics, making it easy and convenient to see and understand how all my marketing initiatives are performing. I can now make educated choices on where and how to best invest my marketing dollars to realize the highest return on my investment.”

Frank Wolf, D.D.S.

Dental practices need not be an ADM Health Partner (client)
to use and benefit from the DMD

“This revolutionary tool permits any dental professional to precisely monitor, evaluate and make informed decisions concerning results from the various tactics comprising their dental marketing plan. What is incalculable are the confidence and peace of mind users experience.” Concludes Bobrow.

Finally, dental practice owners and their consultants can have real time reporting from their own Chief Marketing Officer.’ By utilizing the option to customize DMD to include other practice management KPIssuch as overhead, receivables turnover, and treatment acceptance, DMD can also serve the reporting role for the practice’s Chief Financial Officer.

DMD is compatible with all browsers and devices

With DMD, dental practices need never fly blind with their marketing and finances again.

Take AIM With Your Marketing.

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