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No More Flying Blind…

Complete and Reliable
Return On Investment (ROI)

Tracking Is Here!

Now that we’ve Analyzed and Implemented your practice marketing plan, it’s time to activate complete, accurate, timely, and actionable Monitoring.

Our Track It! Technology links new patients directly to their source, thereby permitting informed marketing investment decisions. Track It! is a suite of tools and reporting that completely and accurately delivers timely and actionable data.

Services Include:


LeadTrak-marketing response tracking system, dynamic number insertion (DNI) and web form response monitoring.

Website Conversion Tracking

Website Conversion Monitoring: unique landing pages and specific telephone tracking numbers to confirm the precise source of your New Patients – permits informed decision making and enhanced program performance.

SEO & Social Media Tracking

SEO, Paid Search (PPC) & Social Media Tracking-Monthly reporting on keyword rankings, click through rates, user engagement and more vital statistics.

For the last 20 years AIM Dental Marketing has help grow our practice’s growth with Danny Babrow’s cutting edge information on the dental marketplace. His work on our website has really boosted our patient flow.

Jack Manikowski, DDS

Lincoln Park Smiles, Chicago, IL

You also receive our Unconditional Service Satisfaction Guarantee!

Before you invest another dollar in marketing…

No More Flying Blind…

  Learn how ADM’s Track IT! Technology can help you make informed marketing decisions that maximize your ROI

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