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Generating online reviews is a critical step in establishing and maintaining a sterling online reputation. New patients seek providers with the highest satisfaction ratings. Review sites are a top resource the public uses to evaluate their options.

Think of us as your ‘online reviews investment advisor,’ ensuring your ‘Reviews Portfolio’ is diversified and optimized by consistently ‘investing’ that is, regularly posting, your Patient Reviews in the optimal manner and frequency.

A steady stream of high quality patient reviews is one of the easiest and best ways to gain the attention and respect, not only of new patients, but the search engines who are the gatekeepers between you and those patients.

Manage Your Reputation

Whether yours is a start up, growing, or mature practice, Sweet Reviews will help you get where you’re going faster and more efficiently.

Properly posted online reviews help you and your practice get the respect you’ve worked so hard to earn and deserve.

Your Star Reviews are posted where patients look for information about dentists including: Google, Facebook, Health Grades, and over 200 other directories.

 In short, a high quality online reputation is no longer a “nice to have” – it’s a must-have.

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