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Broad Reach Direct Mail Delivery

Stretch your budget further to reach more new patients or reduce your investment


Broad Reach™ allows you to reach your best new patients while saving you money! You not only save on postage, which is the highest cost component of direct mail. Your message is also presented alongside major retailers and local merchants in an engaging package delivered weekly into mailboxes just like our Enhanced High Reach™ Service, but at far lower cost!

Broad Reach™ offers two high impact ways to reach your best new patients.

The Wrap Option offers a FULL PAGE ANNOUNCEMENT designed and imprinted on either the Outside or Inside Front or Back Cover of one of the most familiar and respected publications in America today.

The Insert Option is a 6 by 11 inch ‘stand alone’ card similar to our acclaimed Enhanced High Reach™ Service but, instead of being mailed, is delivered by ‘piggybacking’ inside either, depending on availability, the Daily Herald, Tribune, or Red Plum Vehicles.

Upon request, we will incorporate your graphics, logo, and photography to further customize your Announcement, and ensure its consistency with your other marketing and communications media, ALL AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Why Choose Broad Reach™?

Engaging: targeted direct mail places your message into the hands of your best patients.

Compelling: consumers look forward to receiving these values to help them make smart buying decisions. High Readership: 72% of all U.S. Households look, and 39% make one or more purchases from this package EACH WEEK!*

*Broudy & Romano, Digital Printing Council Study

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