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High Reach Dental Direct Mail

Turn-Key service that is effective, affordable and proven. All for about the cost of a postage stamp!

High-Reach™ Dental Direct Mail Service Includes:

Instant tracking and emailed notification of all calls generated.

Geo-Demographic Analysis.

Map of your Target Audience.

High-Reach™ consists of a 6″ by 11″ four color, high gloss self-mailer, both sides of which are customized for your dental practice. It includes a collection of four-color photographs of your choosing. High-Reach™ Clients have access to ADM’s library of 200 licensed photo images covering a wide range of topics, specifically chosen by our experienced design team to engage and motivate your specific audiences to action.

Or, provide us with your own high quality images, and we’ll incorporate them into your winning design.

To ensure it connects with and ‘speaks’ to your desired audience, High-Reach™ offers fully custom design that is based on an in depth analysis of your practice’s service area.

Your marketing specialist will help you select the artwork, which will distinguish your dental practice as offering all the benefits discriminating dental patients expect today.

We ensure your Mailer Design is consistent with your other online and traditional marketing and communications.

High ReachTM will attract new and established residents, and lead to a steady inflow of high-quality dental patients!

Each of our direct mail campaigns is integrated with your website, office response and coresponding email and social media to allow you to achieve a higher than average roi.

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