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On-line Form Submission HIPAA

Your Patients can now Submit HIPAA and Health Histories ONLINE!

Patients may now submit HIPAA and Health Histories Online while saving both practice and patient time in the office completing and reviewing paperwork.

SPF™ is a new, affordable Internet-Based Service that makes it easy for your patients to complete HIPAA forms, personal and insurance information, and medical histories online, in the privacy of their home, office, or anywhere. SPF ™ eliminates illegible forms, and the wasted time and misinformation associated with them. SPF tm effortlessly eliminates much of the frustration and drudgery associated with administration of a dental office.

Many patients don’t understand medical terms, and have problems filling out forms in an office setting. With SPF™ they can have a friend or family member help them, instead of taking up valuable office and staff time. SPF ™ relieves tension in the office for both patient and staff setting, leaving the patients more relaxed and better able to communicate and be receptive to your treatment recommendations.

Your practice saves time and money by eliminating careless clerical errors and having to scan or retype information from handwritten forms. SPF ™ frees staff to work on health-related topics, instead of time-wasting clerical issues. Your office validates patient insurance coverage and flags any medical problems before your patient arrives!

Your patients, your staff, and YOU will love it!

This service includes an unlimited number of patients to participate, yet is priced at only $25 per month! If desired, advanced software even allows you to use your own original forms for a low one time, set up fee.

To register for this service or to view a demonstration, call 800-723-6523 or request an appointment.

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