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Email Marketing helps new patients learn about you by bringing your website to them!

Visitors to your website fall into one of two categories.

Trigger Pullers are those visitors who are so motivated they immediately call your office and schedule an appointment.

While we’d love all website visitors to fall into this category, the reality is, they don’t. In fact, studies suggest that as few as 20 percent will schedule an appointment immediately following their first website visit.

This is the only visitor segment most websites manage to convert to patients.

The majority of first-time website visitors are termed Tire Kickers. They’re every bit as valuable once they become your patient: they’re just more deliberate in their decision making or are just beginning their search.

They may simply need time to feel comfortable before making a decision as important as choosing a new dentist.

The key to connecting with this valuable source of new patients is having your website offer an alternative way for them to learn about your practice in a way that makes them comfortable; by ‘running the race at their pace.’

Email Marketing

Deliver Emails That Connect With Your Audience

Your website must establish credibility and allow the patient to decide when and how to contact you.
This requires a dynamic strategy in which visitors are offered a reason to willingly share their contact information with you, then automatically follow up with them during that critical one to twelve month ‘gestation period’ during which the tire kicker ‘metamorphoses’ into a trigger puller!

Our health partner’s websites offer up to 12 Special Reports on such topics as “The 5 Things You Must Know Before Choosing a Dentist,” “How To Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist” and “Are Implants Right for Me?” while the Connections™ lead nurture email sequence keeps your practice in front of the prospective patient for an entire year!

Emails Are Created For All Devices

Our email templates are specifically created to appear on all desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. This ensures that your branding is beautifully presented, every time. 

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