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No More Flying Blind

CallTrackDNA© Marketing Results Tracking
and Team Accountability System

The service identifies the quantity of lost opportunities to grow your practice,
both in terms of number and dollars, from not converting callers into patients.

CallTrackDNA© will:

  • Identify Lost Opportunities such as how many new patient calls you’re not answering every month.

  • Learn how many are not converting into appointments

  • Keep your marketing ‘honest’ by proving once and for all if the money you’re spending represents an investment or just another expense

  • Collect detailed and Team Member-specific data on the reasons behind missed appointment opportunities

  • Receive solutions to the Lost Opportunity Issue with patented Dual Acting Missed Call Text Alert™ feature, as well as MedChat© , one of the only 100% HIPAA compliant Live Chat website services

  • Benefit from a customized coaching curriculum based upon specific data collected about your practice

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for more information about our Call TrackDNA© Services.

Free Telecommunications Assessment Offer

Free Telecommunications Assessment Offer

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