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Digital Marketing Case Study

Eastern Slope Dental

AIM Dental Marketing® set out to help Eastern Slope Dental with their marketing by using our Analyze, Implement, and Monitor approach. Once our marketing plan was in place, the results started to show within a couple of months. 

We offered Eastern Slope a host of our services to help them increase website traffic, gain reviews, and ultimately increase appointments.  

Eastern Slope

Social Media

AIM helped Eastern Slope establish a stronger social media presence across the internet. We focused on creating engaging posts that would drive people to the Eastern Slope website, sending prospective patients to pages where they could request appointments, research dental information, or leave reviews. 

This strategy, along with our monitoring, allowed us to attribute results directly to their social media source. 

Social Dentistry


We used pay-per-click advertising the help Eastern Slope have a strong search engine presence. Our years of experience in the dental pay-per-click marketplace means we know how to manage your budget effectively and target the proper categories of keywords. 

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Search Engine Optimization

Another large part of our service was to provide SEO on the Eastern Slope website. We accomplished this performing technical SEO, keyword research, managing title tags & meta descriptions, and writing relevant blog articles.

SEO is an integral part for any successful website. Performing these actions will help ensure that a site ranks for the particular keywords that will help you schedule more appointments.  

Eastern Slope Case Study

Dental Marketing Dashboard (DMD)

After implementing our marketing strategies, we relied heavily on our Dental Marketing Dashboard to monitor the results. The dashboard provides immediate insight into keyword rankings, social media influence, website analytics and more. 

By using this dashboard, we were able to add resources to what was working, and press the pause button on marketing features that weren’t driving results. This ensures our Health Partners realize the highest ROI possible.

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The Payoff

Does dental marketing work? We think the numbers speak for themselves. Eastern Slope has seen higher levels of organic traffic, an increase in phone calls, improved social media engagement, and ultimately, more appointments. 

Would this kind of strategy work for your practice? We can help you find out! We do an in-depth analysis before we make any recommendations to our health partners. Contact us today to find out more.

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