AIM Dental Marketing

Step One


When a patient arrives at your dental office, the first thing you do is evaluate their condition. Only then do you proceed with a dental treatment plan; one that is unique to that patient. No “one-size-fits-all” treatment will do.

Similarly, your dental practice is unique, with its own set of opportunities, challenges, and goals.

That’s why we employ the same approach for your dental practice marketing needs.

Step Two


Ideas are easy. It’s execution that makes a winner. Your dental practice succeeds when it both attracts and retains patients. AIM helps you do both. AIM provides all the tools you need to grow your practice. Now that your dental marketing plan has been prepared, it’s time for launch!

Step Three


Now that we’ve Analyzed and Implemented your practice marketing plan, it’s time to activate complete, accurate, timely, and actionable Monitoring.

Our Track It! Technology links new patients directly to their source, thereby permitting informed marketing investment decisions. Track It! is a suite of tools and reporting that completely and accurately delivers timely and actionable data.

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