AIM Dental Marketing

AI-Powered Digital Receptionist

AIM Chat is our 24/7 digital receptionist for your website. This feature allows you to reply to consumers quickly and engage with them as soon as they come to your website. 

Why do you need a digital receptionist? First, more consumers are becoming accustomed to chat features on websites, and are even beginning to expect them. AIM Chat gives consumers the chat and text features that they want. 

Second, if you don’t engage a website visitor, they stand a higher chance of leaving your page. AIM Chat solves this by offering help the second a potential patient lands on your site. 

Third, Live agent support is expensive. AIM Chat allows you to add a personal touch to your site without having to hire an actual person. 


AIM Chat

What Else Does AIM Chat Offer?

AIM Chat specializes in engaging visitors and generating revenue. Not only that, but it accomplishes these two feats all while saving you time. Outside of these offerings, our digital receptionist can also:

  • Increase online engagement with immediate response
  • Handle off-hour inquiries
  • Make it easier to communicate with customers
  • Answer questions and educate patients with images and video
  • Capture leads and book appointments
  • Offer live help via chat or phone
  • Branded Chat Bot to match your websites colors and branding.
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