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Smile Glen Ellyn Website Redesign

AIM has been performing dental marketing for Smile Glen Ellyn for quite some time now. So when they approached us about redesigning their website, we were happy to help. Read on to learn more about the specific challenges that we faced, our solutions, and how the site is performing now. 

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Smile Glen Ellyn Website Design
Smile Glen Ellyn Website


Smile Glen Ellyn had a great reputation in the Glen Ellyn, IL area and needed to keep the brand recognition that they had developed. However, their website had become outdated and was in need of a “face-lift”, or in this case, some “cosmetic dentistry”.

While keeping their logo and branding the same, AIM needed to build a modern website design that would improve the overall user experience on the site. 


While designing a new site certainly presented some challenges, it also provided us with some great opportunities to make adjustments that would improve the overall performance of the website. We chose 4 specific areas to focus on during the build: 

Responsive Design

We worked to ensure that current & potential patients would have a great experience on the website, regardless of the device they were using.

Patient Acquisition

Potential patients that visited the site would need to find useful information as quickly as possible. Call to action placement would be paramount to ensure that the site would acquire as many appointments as possible. 

User Experience

The page layout and menu structure would need to be thoughtfully planned so clicking throughout the site could be simple. 

Search Engine Optimization

A site redesign would give us the opportunity to make SEO changes across the site. This would help us ensure that the site would rank high for all of the services offered. 



By using our Analyze, Implement, and Monitor process, AIM was able to build a fast, responsive, and effective website for Smile Glen Ellyn. The increased speed, improved user-experience, and focus on SEO have all had positive results within just a few months of their site launch. View some of the statistics below to get a better understanding of what we have accomplished. 


Increase in booked appointments over the last 6 months


Average cost in dollars to acquire a new patient


Average monthly ROI for every $1 spent


Increase in phone calls from organic traffic on the website
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