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Diagnosing Your Practice


Step 1 – Analyze, Step 2 – Implement, Step 3 – Monitor

Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.

When a new dental patient arrives at your dental office, the first thing you do is evaluate their condition. Only then do you proceed with a dental treatment plan, and that plan is unique to that patient. No “one-size-fits-all” treatment will do.

Similarly, your dental practice is unique, with its own set of opportunities, challenges, and goals, so we employ the same approach for your marketing needs. This process allows us to have a full understanding of your practice’s needs, and create an individualized plan for success. 

Now We Can Implement Your Plan

Dental Marketing Consultant

What We Analyze

We conduct a complete review of your practice’s current reach and effectiveness.

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How It Works

Our three-step analysis process provides you with a complete road map for practice success.

Step One

Identify and articulate your Brand and Message to cast your unique Practice Offering in the most attractive and compelling light.

Step Two

Complete your Practice Situation Assessment, along with your Internet Marketing Performance Assessment to reveal opportunities, as well as challenges, to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Step Three

Receive your Formal Dental Marketing Plan including interactive marketing time line and budget to consider different practice growth strategies.

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