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Dental Direct Mail

All Points Direct Mail

The results of multi-targeted variable print for the price of a postage stamp!

Appending a mailer with a person’s name increases response by 40% — and list driven customization can increase response to marketing efforts by 500%!*

Dentist Internet Marketing

Reach area residents who will benefit from your practice’s unique offering

Multi-Targeted Variable Print Technology Offers the ability to communicate a unique message, offer and imagery to an address based on that household’s characteristics.

Dental Postcard Marketing

Reach More Patients

  • Reactivate lapsed patients.
  • Promote services to current patients.
  • Reach newcomers to your community.
  • Connect with area residents who will benefit from your practice’s unique offering.

Key Benefits

  • Visible
    Large, multi-colored, professionally produced and customized mailer ensures you stand out from the crowd (See Sample Above).
  • Affordable
    Cost can be 40%-70% less than traditional dental direct mail marketing.
  • Exclusive
    Own your service area!
  • Reliable
    Prompt and consistent mailer delivery.
  • Customized
    Change names, messages, images, and offers on a house-by-house basis!
  • Measurable
    Track response by address, unique phone number, and website address.
  • Easy
    Simplified set up process.
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