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Dental Marketing Dashboard (DMD) »

Following nearly five years of research and development, AIM Dental Marketing has completed beta testing, and will officially launch its Dental Marketing Dashboard (DMD) on June 1st, 2020.

“DMD is ideal for those practices who do not wish to ‘fly blind’ with their marketing investment; to hold their marketing consultant accountable for results.” Says ADM’s president and the visionary behind DMD Daniel A. ‘Danny’ Bobrow.

The motivation behind DMD is to address a persistent challenge faced by dentist and practice consultant alike; how to easily and simply, and in real time, identify and monitor their (or their client’s) dental marketing results.

Responsive Website Design »

Ensuring your website renders itself for optimal viewing and function regardless of the device being used to view it is no longer a “nice to have.” It is an essential component of a website that attracts, impresses, and motivates web visitors.

That’s why AIM Dental Marketing guarantees your new or enhanced website utilizes Fully Responsive technology!

Mobile Ready is not Fully Responsive.

While a mobile ready website permits mobile device users to access your website, it lacks the flexibility to present your website in its more attractive and functional form.

Why Choose Fully Responsive Technology?

A Responsive Website Improves Your SEO
Responsive design can help with SEO because first, it results in a superior user experience (UX) and second, because Google’s preference for responsive designed websites means you will rank higher for terms and phrases used by people searching for a dentist in your service area. Success depends upon how it is designed, what kind of themes and plugins are used in its design, and other technical factors.
Combined with other factors, a Responsive website can give you a big boost in search engine results

Lower Maintenance Cost
Maintaining separate sites for your mobile and non-mobile audiences can get expensive. By using responsive design, you save money by eliminating the cost of maintaining a mobile site.

When you have a website with responsive design, you can make changes quickly and easily: there’s no need to worry about making changes to two websites.

A Seamless User Experience
User experience is a crucial element of an effective and successful website. You want people to like your site, and you want it to be easy to use. Because the need to zoom and scroll are eliminated, content can be viewed quicker and more easily, resulting in a more positive visitor impression.

A responsive website will save money and time, and convert more visitors into happy patients!

Website Report Card »

How effectively does your website attract, impress, and motivate people who are searching for a dentist in your area? Find out with ADM’s acclaimed Website Report Card!

Professional Identity Development »

Creating and consistently applying your practice’s identity, also known as branding, is essential to cost-effective dental marketing. Your brand not only clearly conveys who you are, what you do, for whom you do it, and why to your target audience(s), it also serves as a benchmark against which all marketing and most major business decisions are based. That’s why professional identity development or enhancement represents one of the most important and should be one of the earliest, investment decisions a dental practice will make.

Every practice has a brand. The question is: how effective and sustainable is it?

Our branding specialists work closely with you and your team to gather the information and gain the insight needed to craft a winning brand strategy for your practice. Services offered include: development of your practice’s Vision, Mission, and Positioning Statements, Tagline, Logo and other graphic representations of your brand, Stationery, and Collateral Material in print and digital formats.

AIM Dental Online (ADOL) »

Attracting the right patients to your practice via the internet requires that your website consistently attracts the right kinds of patients in sufficient quantity to meet your goals. That’s where professionally implemented and monitored Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Learn more about these tools for attracting more dental patients by clicking on the links below:

ADM Video Services Suite »

If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth a million! ADM offers three distinct ways to make your website POP while simultaneously improving its ranking on Google.

Dental Direct Mail »

When it is properly conceived, developed, implemented, and monitored, direct mail continues to be a powerful way to attract new patients to your dental practice. It is especially effective when used as part of a coordinated outreach campaign that includes SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Remarketing tactics.

Our Dental Direct Mail Offering Includes:

  • All Points Direct Mail

    For reaching prospective (and even former!) patients with pinpoint accuracy you just can’t beat All Points! We use on demand and variable print technologies to schedule mailings to current and lapsed patients with compelling reasons to visit your practice.
    All Points also identifies prospective patients by name – in today’s world of information overload, message personalization is key to success with direct mail!

  • High Reach Direct Mail

    This is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your community. High Reach targets down to the carrier route level, allowing you to consider dozens of demographic-rich data points to decide which residents in your community are the best fit for your practice

  • Broad Reach Direct Mail

    Broad Reach is our most economical method for reaching prospective patients at the lowest unit cost. Thanks to our arrangement with various print news outlets, your mailer is sent as an insert in one of these vehicles, permitting postage to be shared among several advertisers. The result is the lowest cost to reach prospective patients yet devised.

  • Reach at Work Direct Mail

    Busy professionals value knowing there is a reliable dental professional conveniently located to their place of work. If your practice is located in an urban area, or wherever there is a high concentration of commercial activity, Reach at Work can be a valuable addition to your dental marketing plan.

Master the Art of the First Impressions (TAFI) »

Because nearly every dental appointment is preceded by a phone call, connecting with these first-time callers to your practice is essential to maximizing the return on any marketing investment. In fact, you can easily double or triple the number of new dental patients your practice schedules simply by having your team schedule more kept appointments. It’s easy with TAFI!

Developed jointly by ADM president Daniel A. ‘Danny’ Bobrow and Bill Blatchford, TAFI will quickly and cost-effectively show your Team how to: establish rapport, convey empathy, exude enthusiasm, and employ effective listening and questioning technique, all of which result in an amazing increase in the percentage of calls that results in scheduled (and kept) appointments, and happy patients.

On Hold Messaging »

Every successful practice will place callers on hold. When what callers hear while on hold is professionally produced, regularly updated, and offers interesting content, the ‘on hold experience’ can actually be educational and entertaining. It can also enhance the caller’s perception of your practice.
We offer a complete array of on hold experience services including:

Oral Systemic Practice »

In the dynamic world of clinical practice, the term standard of care is being redefined with ever increasing frequency. Because our Vision Statement includes improving the health and increasing the longevity of patients served by our Health Partners (Clients), we are committed to learning and sharing research as well as screening, diagnostic, and treatment protocols that maximize patient value.

Cause (Related Event) Marketing »

Simply put, dental cause marketing is a way to do more good for your chosen charity, while growing your practice or, as Ben Franklin put it “Doing Well By Doing Good”. If you’d like to learn more about this practice growth tactic that: involves no selling, costs nothing to implement, enhances patient loyalty, increases referrals, attracts new patients, boosts team morale, makes you a coveted local news source, leverages your giving, and is also a lot of fun, click the link above to learn more!

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