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Patient testimonials are a key factor in a patient’s decision to join a new practice. Why aren’t more dentists consistently gathering and posting compelling patient testimonials online? They lack the simple 9 step process offered by AIM Dental Marketing®. We make it easy to encourage patients to provide you with effective and compelling testimonials. To maximize their impact, we then publish them throughout your website, review sites, social media pages, and daily communications.

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What You Get

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9 Steps To Successful Patient Videos

A simple to implement Plan for receiving quality patient testimonials
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5 Actual Patient Testimonial Videos

Evaluated and reviewed for suitability and quality.
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Patient Video Optimization for different media

Includes posting to your Website, Social Media sites, and YouTube to improve Website Ranking.

Bonus Coaching

A 1-on-1 Coaching and Rehearsal Session personally delivered by AIM President, Daniel Bobrow (On-Site* or Online Meeting at Your Discretion).

You also receive unlimited Google Optimization of your videos including: titling, tagging, and description of your patient testimonial videos for maximum SEO Value. We also post your videos to your website (requires access credentials). *may entail additional costs.

Your monthly investment includes unlimited Optimization including titling, tagging, and describing of your patient testimonial videos for maximum SEO Value, as well as posting to your website (requires access credentials).

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