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Your Marketing Transformation Begins Here


Step 1 – Analyze, Step 2 – Implement, Step 3 – Monitor

Ideas are easy. It’s execution that makes a winner. Your dental practice succeeds when it both attracts and retains patients. AIM helps you do both. We work closely with our Health Partners (clients) to help them select only the tools they need to grow their dental practice.

Once your dental marketing plan has been prepared, it’s time for launch!

That’s Where Our Strategic Monitoring Starts


Dental Marketing Services

How It Works

Our three-step process helps optimize your practice marketing for success.

Step One

We start things off with the Kick Off Meeting, during which your marketing specialist shares your Timeline of Deliverables.

Step Two

To maximize the return on your dental marketing investment, we offer telephone skills mastery training, as well as third party appointment scheduling.

Step Three

We set up tracking protocols to deliver complete and reliable results, for making informed marketing investment decisions.

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