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Dental SEO is the Hub of Your Marketing Wheel

Quality SEO for your dental website will result in top search engine ranking for prospective patients searching for a dentist close to where they work or live. Because the vast majority of people will choose from among the first few options on Page One of Google, it is imperative that your website be there. 

Success at the SEO Game means taking full advantage of three distinct tactics outlined below.

Dental SEO

How We Do SEO

AIM’s Best In Class Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures your dental practice achieves and maintains top placement on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) to get your practice’s website premium organic results.

Dental SEO

SEO Services for Dental Practices

Quality dental SEO services for your website will result in top search engine ranking for prospective patients searching online for a dentist near them. Your website must feature prominently in the search results on Page One of Google. We can help your practice with the services outlined below.


On-page SEO

This component of an effective dental SEO strategy is itself composed of several factors, all concerned with the management of your website’s structure. It includes: 

  • Ensuring plenty of well written and dental-relevant content.
  • Regularly added unique and relevant content to your website.
  • Promoting keywords that are relevant to those searching for a dentist in your service area.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO entails extending past your own website to other respected web locations to reference back to your website. This is an important factor search engines use to determine website ranking for a given keyword or phrase.

Effective off-page SEO entails: maintaining a dental blog, keeping up to date on social media, distributing optimized press releases, and posting articles related to dentistry. This is a technical and time-consuming process, which is why it’s important to partner with a dental search engine optimization firm with the depth and breadth of experience to consistently create and post quality content on your behalf.

Dental OffPage SEO

Local SEO

Any business, which relies upon the local community for the lion’s share of its production, will benefit from a local SEO strategy. A properly configured and executed local strategy entails setting up a business account on Google+, uploading your practice’s location and contact information to Google maps, and engaging local directories by posting contact information and relevant reviews.

In today’s increasingly competitive internet environment, having an attractive website, while necessary, is insufficient to ensure practice growth. Your site must rank near the top of page one on Google to capitalize on this growth potential.

Why not consider working with the firm that’s been helping dentists take AIM with their dental internet marketing since 1989?

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