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“Diagnosis without examination is malpractice.” – Socrates

As a dentist, you examine your patients before making a diagnosis and recommending treatment.  This helps ensure the patient receives the right plan for them, and nothing more. 

At AIM, we follow this practice in every aspect of our business, including our pricing models. We are committed to giving our Health Partners (Clients) the proper diagnosis before we ever recommend a solution. 

That is why begin every Health Partner relationship by building a Website Report Card and rely on that information to begin the Analyze portion of our marketing process. This step allows us to deliver focused, positive results to our health partners. 

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The Benefits of an AIM Partnership

By reaching out to AIM, you are taking the first step towards developing a positive, trackable Return on Investment for your dental practice.

Our Tracking Solutions

With our unique and fully transparent Dental Marketing Dashboard (DMD) you will know the exact source of prospective patient inquiries.  No more guess work, no more wasted dental marketing budget. 

Your dashboard will make analytics-based marketing decisions simple.


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Many Happy (and Positive) Returns!

Tired of not knowing if your marketing efforts are actually making your practice money? Our Health Partners realize an average patient acquisition cost of between $80 to $103. When you consider the average lifetime value of a patient in the United States is $7500, that’s a Return On Investment of 5300 to 7500 Percent or from $53 to $75 for each dollar invested*!!

Contact AIM today for your complimentary and fully customized Actionable Intelligence Marketing (AIM) Analysis! 

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