AIM Dental Marketing

Be Sure Your Practice Communications Speak Loud and Clear

It's not just a logo. It's a statement.

Your logo speaks volumes about your practice. If your logo could talk, what would it say? Would it be shouting out that it needs a makeover? Perhaps it’s reached the age where it’s now suffering from an identity crisis. Whether you’re just starting out, or need to revitalize your identity, your practice requires a strong, clear message to convey its unique Offering to both attract new patients, and maintain patient loyalty.

AIM Dental Marketing
Professional Brand Identity

Communicate who YOU are!

A practice logo has an immediate impact on consumers, be they current or prospective patients, referral sources, the media or your community at large. When people encounter your logo and other communications an AIM Identity guarantees an immediate and favorable response.

A winning practice logo gives people the confidence they need to believe in your quality of care. Repeat exposure reinforces a positive practice image in the mind of your various audiences including current and prospective patients, referral partners, and the media.

The service includes:

  • Creative brief and personal interview to confirm your goals for your new or enhanced Identity.
  • Naming presentation.
  • Website address (both SEO and user friendly) research and recommendations.
  • Color palette presentation.
  • Design of stationery, business card and other collateral material.
  • Consistent application of your new identity across all patient communications including internal, external, web-based and printed.

AIM makes designing, modifying and printing your stationery and other collateral materials a snap.

What could be simpler? All your letterhead, envelopes, business cards, re-care cards, pocket folders, brochures, etc. are stored at one convenient online location. You never have to worry about searching for artwork again, making changes takes minutes, and your printing is completed on time and under budget. We do all the work and deliver your printed materials right to your door!

Samples of Our Work

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AIM MarketingProfessional Brand Identity