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CS66: Protect Yourself from Liability and Save a Life


PRESENTER: Eva Grayzel, Master Storyteller and
co-founder of the Six Step
Screening Process

Eva Grayzel transports dental professionals into the oral cancer patient’s experience sharing riveting details about her surgery, treatment and recovery. Her compelling narrative motivates new thinking about early detection, inspiring audiences both professionally and personally. Reinvigorate your team with an enhanced approach to patient communication and care.

Attendees will learn to:

  1. Integrate oral cancer screenings into patient education
  2. Develop a new Standard of Care
  3. Understand long-term effects of radiation on the oral cavity
  4. Protect yourself from liability in an oral cancer case
  5. Choose Optimal Screening Techniques to Maximize Patient Value

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AIM MarketingCS66: Protect Yourself from Liability and Save a Life