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CS39: Integrating Oral Health with Medical Health: Wellness Opportunities in Clinical Dentistry

Having a standardized approach to the dental exam can provide opportunities to discuss many aspects of overall health with your patients.

This program will outline seven key foundational elements of the examination that is comprehensive and thorough. This methodology creates an easy transition from just talking about reparative dentistry to discussing overall patient health.

Implementation strategies for wellness opportunities in the restorative dental practice and networking tools for continuous growth will also be shared.


Douglas G. Thompson, DDS

Dr. Thompson believes in an interdisciplinary treatment model that coordinates dental care with other medical practitioners for total body health care for his patients. He employs advanced DNA bacterial testing methods and other leading-edge dental science to enable early risk assessment and personalized treatment planning.

In 2015 Dr. Thompson founded the Wellness Dentistry Network which is an internet based community of dentists with a keen awareness of how oral conditions affect whole body health. Building a knowledge base of how to integrate oral health issues with medical health issues continues to evolve. Getting started, keeping current, and growing is the challenge in this exploding area. To confront this challenge is the mission of the Wellness Dentistry Network.

In addition to his dental training, Dr. Thompson is pursuing a Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine. There he presents to physicians a program titled, “Periodontal Disease and the Heart: A Collaborative Opportunity” in their Fellowship module XVI-D titled, “Metabolic Cardiovascular Medicine.”

Dr. Thompson has published professionally in the June, 2010 publication of Dentistry Today an article titled, “Salivary Testing for Periodontal Disease Diagnosis and Treatment” and in the December, 2012 publication of Inside Dentistry an article titled, “Verifiable Outcomes Using Salivary Diagnostics in Periodontal Medicine: Test and retest for clinical success.” He has also authored an online course available in the U.S. and Australia titled, “Personalized Periodontal Medicine: The Future is Here! Advancing the Health of Your Patients, Your Team and Your Practice!”



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