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CS61: A Front Office Insider’s Guide to Supercharging Your Marketing ROI


Presenter: Rob Klaus, President of Unique Dental Scheduling

Rob is the President and founder of Unique Dental Scheduling. His extensive background in technology, customer service, and call center management led him to found UDS in 2013 with a mission to enhance dental office appointment efficiency and conversion.

Webcast Info:

The typical dental practice fails to convert upwards of 65% of prospective patient inquiries. That means the practice can nearly TRIPLE new patient flow without investing an extra dollar in marketing!

The Solution is consistent and accurate phone support that duplicates the culture and professionalism of the practice when team members lack the requisite skillset, or are unable to prioritize handling these new patient opportunities that are essential to consistent practice growth.

In this fast-paced event, Rob overviews the pros and cons of scheduling via: Phone Call, Online Scheduler, Web Form, and Live Chat, as well as the secrets to making every new patient call a kept appointment!

As an Attendee you will learn…

  • The make-or-break questions to ask when considering a call center for your practice
  • HIPAA-compliance issues associated with call recording and reporting
  • Different ways to choose and implement rollover, after hours; phone tree and marketing lines
  • Best practices to improve new patient conversion “batting average”
  • Patient reactivation and treatment scheduling
  • To confirm ‘hidden’ costs and calculate ROI
  • If a call handling service is right for your practice

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AIM MarketingCS:61 A Front Office Insider’s Guide to Supercharging Your Marketing ROI