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CS65: 13 Questions Never To Ask A
                 Dental Patient


Tom Orent is The GEMS Guy

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Practice profitability suffers when PPO participation does not align with the market, professional goals, and patient mix.  Left unchecked, the already complex insurance machine can tighten its grip on your career. Conversely, strategic PPO participation guarantees a profitable and stress-free practice by employing consistent methodology to optimize and streamline network participation, reduce write-offs, attract and retain patients, contract effectively and maximize reimbursements.

As an Attendee you will learn…
ArrowHow the PPO Insurance industry is changing, and what to do about it
ArrowThe complex issues and pitfalls to avoid when contracting with PPOs
ArrowHow to prepare your practice to manage PPO’s effectively
ArrowThe truths and myths of fee negotiations
ArrowHow to Develop an Effective PPO Participation Strategy

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AIM MarketingCS64: 7 Ways to Win the PPO Game