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CS65: 13 Things Never To Say To A Dental Patient

PRESENTER: Dr. Tom Orent, The GEMS Guy

13 Things Never To Say To A Dental Patient – and what you SHOULD say instead!

“The Gems Guy” Dr. Tom Orent has lectured at dental schools and societies in 48 of the 50 United States and in five countries. He is an Amazon #1 bestselling author. His “Gems” have been used by dentists in 47 countries around the world.

Tom served as Editor of the AACD Journal, has authored four books, and hundreds of articles on esthetics, profitable dental practice management, TMJ, and Extreme Customer Service.

He is that rare combination of clinical dentistry, practice management, AND patient communica-tions MASTER.

That’s why we’re SO excited to have him join us today!

Tom has worked one-on-one with hundreds of practices through his Freedom Summit Dental Practice Transformation Coaching Program, which includes a $300,000 guaranteed increase. He is renowned for teaching dentists how to gain far higher case acceptance of Best-Option Care, and how to earn more, while working less.

As an Attendee at today’s presentation you will learn thirteen gems that will quickly increase your job satisfaction and profitability by upping your patient communications game!

As an Attendee you will learn…
  1. How to avoid leaving EASY money on the table when working out the deposit for a payment plan
  2. The one question NEVER to ask a caller on the phone
  3. A single word substitution during your exam and case presentation that instantly improves patient comprehension and CASE ACCEPTANCE
  4. The WORST (and, sadly, MOST COMMON) question asked by your team when scheduling patients’ next visit
  5. Two words that curdle my blood and fry my hair (if I had any) when discussing periodontal infection with patients
  6. Exactly what to say to your new patient emergency to insure they’ll WANT to come back for a comprehensive exam
  7. The one thing most team members say to patients which could land you in front of your Board of Registration
  8. The IRONY of two oft-spoken words which, unfortunately, have the OPPOSITE EFFECT from what you intended (and how to fix it forever)
  9. How to be a HERO even if your patient experiences hot or cold post-operative sensitivity
  10. What to say when your state board doesn’t allow the RDH to diagnose and treatment plan
  11. The SINGLE WORD spoken by a nurse which caused my mother never to return to her new MD
  12. My dad’s linguistic pet peeve (mine too now) that equals one BIG squandering opportunity
  13. What to say when a patient asks for a day of the week you’re routinely CLOSED

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AIM MarketingCS65: 13 Things Never To Say To A Dental Patient