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Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Myths:
Grow Your Practice While Saving Lives

The largest Gap in US healthcare today is a gross under-diagnosis of heart disease.  Atherosclerosis is responsible for more than 38% of deaths in women, and nearly 33% of male mortality, and is nearly 100% preventable.  Because dentists see their patients nearly 5 times more often than do primary care providers, they represent a vital piece of the wellness puzzle. Identifying additional ways to contribute to overall patient wellness enhances the value Dental offices provide their community.  

Dr. Todd Eldredge is one of the world’s leading experts on Atherosclerosis and Heart Disease. He is author of the #1 international best-selling books
Cardiovascular Wellness Management Success Plan and
Prevention Myths, Why Stress Tests Can’t Predict Your Heart Attack, and Which Tests Actually Do. 

An active researcher involved in many CIMT-related research projects, Dr. Eldredge spent years developing performance-based testing protocols to demonstrate operator-dependent coefficients of variability and testing reproducibility. He spent 10 years at what is now
Sanofi-Pasteur where he ran the US Pediatric Vaccine Business Unit. Todd holds MBA & MPH degrees and a PhD in cardiovascular-epidemiology.

As an attendee at this event, you will learn:

  • about practical tools that will enhance your practice, and other tools that are a waste of time in identifying cardiovascular disease in your patients.
  • about a painless, non-invasive procedure, which requires no disrobing, no additional radiation exposure, and can generate additional profit to your practice, all while saving lives. 



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AIM MarketingCS71: Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Myths: Grow Your Practice While Saving Lives