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Dental Cash Flow For Dummies!

Why is it your CPA says your practice made a profit last year but your bank account says otherwise?  Does it take months before he or she can even tell you that?

This event helps put YOU back in control and unlock the power to chart your practice’s destiny.

Rick Willeford was a Dental CPA for 40 years. He has been an avid writer for Dental Economics, and is an internationally sought-out speaker. After he sold his CPA practice, he immediately dusted off his Electrical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech to develop DentaMetrix – a professional grade data extraction and dashboard program for consultants, DSOs, experienced practice administrators, and of course, dentists. The combination of his knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, his deep dental business experience and his understanding of the practice management side of dentistry give him a unique perspective to enhance revenues and plug profit leaks in a practice.

As an attendee of this presentation you will:

Learn why most traditional financial statements are not ideal for running a dental practice

Understand the difference between Cash Flow and Profit

Unlock the Secret Powers hidden in your practice’s financial reports

Turn your accounting software into a dental practice management dynamo


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AIM MarketingCS74: Dental Cash Flow For Dummies!