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CS90:Anticipating Legal Issues Vital to Dentists

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Dr. Michael P. Bobrow is a distinguished and multifaceted professional with a remarkable career that spans almost four decades across dentistry, business administration, and law.

Michael’s journey in the healthcare profession began with his pursuit of a DDS degree from the University of Illinois. He has honed his skills in dentistry in diverse practice settings. He has extensive experience in the nuances of different practice models, including managed care, fee-for-service, multi-specialty and government assistance. He currently owns and manages a family and cosmetic practice in Glencoe, Illinois.

His passion for improving patient outcomes and enhancing the dental profession led him to seek further education and leadership opportunities.  Not content with merely one profession, Michael earned his MBA from the University of Chicago, graduating with honors.  This equipped him with a keen understanding of business strategies and management principles. The unique blend of clinical and business management knowledge permits him to navigate the complex healthcare landscape effectively, fostering innovation and efficient practice management.

In addition to his dental and business accomplishments, Michael holds a Juris Doctor degree from Loyola University, showcasing his deep commitment to the legal aspects of healthcare. His legal expertise has proven invaluable in areas such as healthcare compliance, malpractice prevention, contracts and sales. His dedication to upholding ethical standards in healthcare is a testament to his commitment to both his patients and the profession.

Michael has seamlessly integrated his expertise in dentistry, business administration, and law to make a lasting impact on the dental profession.  He is founder of The DDS Exchange, LLC., a collaboration of leading professionals in the areas of Practice Management, Law and Financial planning.  The Exchange will offer a fascinating forum for dentists to feel part of a community. It provides a supportive environment where individuals with varied concerns can connect with others having similar experiences. This sense of community will be invaluable as it allows individuals to feel understood and less isolated in their challenges.

Attendees will learn to…
  • Anticipate legal Issues vital to practice prosperity
  • Avoid pitfalls related to hiring and retaining peak performers
  • Choose the correct Estate Planning structure based on current realities
  • Handle Compliance Issues (HIPAA, OSHA, ADA Website)
  • Optimize your practice management model

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AIM MarketingCS91: Anticipating Legal Issues Vital to Dentists