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CS53: Dental Patients are just like Us

Let Monroe McKay of Weave Communications share with you how a Best in Class Telephony system can transform your Dental Practice.strategies.

Your dental practice is a business and as with any business, success requires clear, timely, and accurate communication with both current and prospective patients. It also requires access to real time patient data so any team member communicating with patients on the telephone sounds like a SUPERSTAR.

That’s where a Best In Class telephony solution can make a world of difference!


Monroe McKay is a Senior Business Development Manager for Weave Communications. McKay’s flair for customer success and a passion for improving customer satisfaction has earned him respect and admiration in the health care field. His fervor for providing doctors with tools to strengthen their customer relationships started while employed by Solution reach, another tech firm focusing on health care.

After leaving Solution reach in 2012, Monroe went on to work building sales best practices and strengthening relationships with KOLs, but in the pharmaceutical arena.

In 2015 he joined Weave and was excited to return to serving in the dental market to learn from and work with some of the best educators and consultants. As the fourth employee of a then start-up, Monroe built its training and support team, and turned it into a place where dentists and their offices could count on receiving the resources they needed. With 13+ years at companies who help dentists, Monroe understands how integral communication is to building a successful practice. He believes that, equipped with the right skills and tools, it is possible to “wow” patients, both in the office, and on the phone.



AIM MarketingDental Patients are just like us