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CS58: Keep Your Head Out Of The Clouds, But Not Your Practice!
                Fully Comprehensive Billing and Treatment Management Is No Dream

Attendees Will Learn…
-The important differences between dental and medical reimbursement
Clinical charting, scheduling, integrated billing, and reporting
-The fast track to medical reimbursement
-Why an office would choose to work from two software programs simultaneously when billing for
  both medical and dental insurance
-The s
pecific codes and procedures not covered by dental insurance but reimbursable by medical
-The ‘must knows’ before getting started with medical billing.

 In short…

 To demystify medical billing, and how it can be harnessed to sky rocket practice profits!


Jeff Burton, R.N. is the founder and CEO of Lyon Dental, dedicated to advancing the Standard of Care in dental practice management.

He created a revolutionary software platform that delivers seamless and fully integrated clinical documentation, scheduling, patient communications, billing, and coordination of care with all relevant healthcare providers, resulting in more efficient planning, delivery, and timely reimbursement of treatment.



AIM MarketingCS:58 Keep Your Head Out of the Clouds, But Not Your Practice