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CS46: Referrals are the Lifeblood of your Practice: 5 small but simple tools to help increase patient referrals

Hey Doc! You work hard to generate referrals yet, if you’re like most practices, only 60% of those referred actually call and schedule an appointment.

Whether through dental plan write-offs or direct investment, chances are you spend a lot each month on marketing. If your results are less than stellar, you’ll want to know about one of the most reliable, low cost, and untapped techniques for attracting new patients.

Learn the small and simple, but powerful, steps you can take to generate all the referrals your practice can handle!


Robert Barrick, DDS has led a thriving general dental practice for over 15 years. Growing up in a poor Utah community taught him to appreciate the importance of hard work and has recently chosen to instill that ethic into his 6 amazing but “spoiled” children by moving his family from their plush 6,000 square foot home on the golf course, to a 700 square foot 1960’s hunting lodge on a remote mountain side.

Dr. Rob has a passion for ‘making things better.’ Four years ago, he was dining with an orthodontist when they shared a conversation about the problems with the current referring system between doctors. They both sought a solution, only to find none existed.

This led to the birth of ReferralWeb.

The service now boasts more than 500 users and has sent over 5,000 successful referrals.



AIM MarketingReferrals are the Lifeblood of your Practice