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CS34: The Role of Nutrition in Periodontal Therapy

Observing a significant disconnect between the scientific research and its application in the clinical setting, Dr Samaha founded the Perio Arts Institute in 2007. Her Seminars present an evidence-based, clinical protocol for the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease. Her multi-faceted approach empowers periodontists, as well as general dentists and their teams to seamlessly transform themselves into true, wellness-oriented practitioners of dental medicine.

Dr. Samaha is a 1982 graduate of the Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University.


Lisa Marie Samaha, DDS, FAGD has extensive training in the field of integrative medicine, with an emphasis on advanced medical and genetic testing, and nutritional physiology to deliver true preventive medicine and healing to her patients.

She is renowned for her enthusiastic and inspiring presentations to medical and dental audiences worldwide, as well as for her extensive writing, lecturing and consulting.

For nearly four decades Dr. Samaha has based her practice on the principles of Total Body Wellness through Complete Health Dentistry. Her pioneering practice focuses on the advanced, non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease, and all aspects of the Oral Systemic Link.



AIM MarketingThe Role of Nutrition in Periodontal Therapy