AIM Dental Marketing

Everything in your world is in the cloud – Your dental practice needs to be there too!

Presenter: Andy Jensen, Curve Dental

The dental profession is in the midst of a technology revolution.  Just as in the 90s, when dentists (and the rest of the civilized world) moved from DOS to Windows, the time to move boldly forward is now.

Younger doctors, who are Internet Natives, understand the advantages of working in the cloud as compared with 1990’s client-server technology.

If you’ve been asking yourself “Why is my entire world on the cloud EXCEPT my dental practice management software?” this webcast is for you!

Andy Jensen is a 25-year veteran of the dental software profession. He is Chief Marketing Officer for Curve Dental, Inc., which develops web-based dental software available in the United States and Canada.

Andy joined the company in 2009.  Since then, Curve has seen its user base grow tenfold.

Andy has presented at the Yankee Dental Congress, and similar venues nationwide. His articles outlining the benefits and advantages of managing the dental practice from the cloud are regularly published in Dental Economics. He’s also been published in and interviewed for numerous other trade publications and websites including Dental Products Report, Dentistry Today, Inside Dentistry, Dental Compare, Dental Town and many others.

AIM MarketingEverything in your world is in the cloud – Your dental practice needs to be there too!