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Get Active! Are your dental patients active, inactive or just reluctant?

About our presenter:

Adele Reische of Synergy Practice Management brings a unique blend of training, support, and insight to her clients, coaching them through the shift from surviving to thriving. With over 30 years of experience in dentistry, management and speaking, Adele rallies the troops to action, engaging everyone on the dental team as they work together to effect positive change and growth for the entire practice.

Adele is the Director of Member Relations with the Speaking Consulting Network (SCN), and is also a graduate of The Consulting U, a masters training and continuing education program specifically for dental practice management consultants. Adele is an active member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants, The American Academy of Dental Office Mangers and a Certified Consultant in Employment Law. She is the Director of Provider Affiliations with The Allana Smiles Foundation.

Everyone talks about and understands active and inactive patients.  What remains largely misunderstood is the reluctant patient. We challenge you to perform outside of the box work and redefine your patient classifications.

Adele will first explore what an active patient is, and the strengths they bring to your practice. Next, we’ll delve into how to identify and define your inactive patients. With this as background, we learn what characterizes the reluctant patient: how to inspire and promote them to a high level of value for the practice, and themselves.

The time is now to discover your strengths and step up to get Active with Your Recare!

Attendees will learn…

  • To identify three distinct Patient Classifications
  •  How to treat and track each Patient Classification
  •  The Best Way to keep patients active
  •  A unique and highly effective Recare System


AIM MarketingGet Active! Are your dental patients active, inactive or just reluctant?