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Champion Team Building in the Dental Office

Dentistry is a Team Sport

Empower your dental office and build a team to be champion performers

Clinical and technical skills are critical to the dentist’s success in dentistry. Equally important to clinical outcomes and the bottom line, however, are behavior skills – the way your team interacts and learning team building skills as a dental team.

While you cannot predict what interactions will arise, you can influence your team to adapt and respond in new, and more effective, ways. 

Join World Series champion pitcher Jim Mecir, and professional Applied Improviser Ellen Schnur for a unique and lively session.  Together, they will show you how to empower everyone on your team to…

  • Foster a dental office culture that makes everyone feel safe and respected
  • Deal more effectively with difficult people and difficult patients
  • Become more aware of the impact your people have on others
  • Listen to your team like they want to be heard
  • Adapt to uncertainty and change
  • Learn about conflict transformation

Jim Mecir played on many teams during his 15-year professional baseball career and understands that every single member of the team contributes to successful outcomes.

Ellen Schnur spent many of her 25 years in the corporate world in toxic environments.  Since then, she has committed herself to helping teams and organizations create cultures that people want to be part of.


AIM MarketingChampion Team Building in the Dental Office