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Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Myths Debunked

About the Presenter: Dr. Todd Eldredge PhD, MPH, MBA, is one of the world’s leading experts on Atherosclerosis and Heart Disease. He is the author of the #1 international best-selling books “Cardiovascular Wellness Management Success Plan” and “Prevention Myths, Why Stress Tests Can’t Predict Your Heart Attack and Which Tests Actually Do.” An active researcher involved in many CIMT-related research projects, Dr. Eldredge spent many years developing performance-based testing protocols to demonstrate operator-dependent coefficients of variability and testing reproducibility. He spent 10 years at what is now Sanofi-Pasteur where he ran the US Pediatric Vaccine Business Unit.

Dr. Eldredge holds BSBA, MBA, and MPH degrees and a PhD in cardiovascular-epidemiology.

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The largest Gap in US healthcare today is a gross under-diagnosis of heart disease. Atherosclerosis is responsible for greater than 38% of the deaths in women, and nearly 33% of the deaths in men, and is nearly 100% preventable!

An important piece of the “wellness puzzle” can be provided by dentists, who see their patients nearly 5 times more often than do primary care providers. Identifying additional ways to contribute to the overall wellness of patients enhances the value Dental offices provide their patients.

Attendees Will…

  • Acquire practical tools to enhance their practice.
  • Be shown other protocols that are a waste of time in identifying cardiovascular disease.
  • Experience a painless, non-invasive procedure which requires no disrobing, involves no additional radiation exposure, and can generate additional profit to your practice, all while saving lives.
  •  Learn how to position your practice as the ‘go to dentist’ for patients committed to health and longevity.
AIM MarketingCardiovascular Disease Prevention Myths Debunked