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Get Your Life Back!

Get Your Life Back!

The complete title of Dr. Bill Kimball’s talk is Get Your Life Back! Let your practice be the lever that restores balance in all you do.

Bill is co-founder of The Build Up Group, president of Kimball Consulting, Inc., Founding Partner of Integrity Practice Sales, and Lead Wine Educator at Find the Right Wine!

Attendee at this webcast: discovered blind spots most dentists suffer from, learned details about 7 proven systems that save time and increase profits, discovered how to slow down and produce more, gained confidence in becoming insurance free, learned 3 key traits needed to ensure a cohesive team, created a plan to increase the enjoyment of dentistry, quality of care, and take-home income, discussed strategies to take more time off & reach goals each month, and most important, saw real examples of dentists achieving all of the above!

Questions that were asked and answered included:

  1. What do you think are the most important systems of the 7 you presented?
  2. What would be the next step for someone interested in joining your Build-up Group?
  3. Could you tell me a little more about your team-building wine retreat?
  4. Do you offer the wine retreats as a standalone service?
  5. Going out of network with insurance sounds great, but how can you be sure it won’t cause all of your insurance patients to look for another dentist?
  6. What were those 2 books you mentioned by Greg McKeown? Any other books we should be reading?
  7. Did you really take 6 weeks off per year and pay your team?? So what’s the longest vacation you’ve taken?
  8. You mentioned adjusting fees has no downside but what about what economists call elasticity of demand, that is, the fact that as price goes up demand goes down?
  9. When do you recommend the Patient pay for treatment?

To view the webcast click here.

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