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Keystone Pathogens of the Human Mouth

Keystone Pathogens of the Human Mouth

The presentation’s full title is: Keystone Pathogens of the Human Mouth: The Critical Need for Saliva Testing as was delivered by Dr. Tom Nabors.

From 1970 until 2006 Tom managed a family dentistry practice with special interest in oral microbiology and immunology. He was the first Dentist to use Phase-Contrast Microscopy and DNA lab reports as a Diagnostic and Treatment Model. He began teaching the value of DNA-PCR testing in 2003 to Oral Health professionals, and continues teaching to this day.

In 2008 Tom founded Oral DNA Labs, The first U.S.-approved clinical laboratory using saliva testing for oral infection including periodontal pathogens, genetic variations, HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer, and systemic inflammation.  He served as its chief oral systemic scientist & dental officer.  It was the first U.S.-based clinical laboratory for both dentists and physicians.

Dr. Nabors has spent over 40 years researching and developing a clearer understanding between a medical grade definition of periodontal infection, and how these infections are directly related to chronic systemic diseases. He has many firsts to his credit, as well as several scientific awards and honors. He is a nationally recognized authority on the use of DNA-PCR as a critical component in both oral and general health & disease issues, and is why we are so excited to have him joining us again today.

Attendees are entitled to apply to receive 1.5 hours of PACE-approved continuing education credit. To apply for C.E. click here.

Questions that were asked and answered following the presentation included:

  • Why not test ALL Patients?
  • How many dentists nationwide are already using saliva testing? Is the trend increasing?
  • Do you assist with the interpretation of test results?
  • Are you only using SRP as your main therapeutic treatment?
  • Do you advise that we consult our patients around the specifics of oral pathogens and systemic disease, or simply perform the test and share the results and tx?
  • Do you make a distinction between Induce and Cause?
  • Is FN moderate or high risk? What led it to be added to The List?
  • What is the AAP’s position on the use of saliva testing?
  • When you state need to validate/measure, how soon after TX should one be tested?

To view the webcast, CLICK HERE.

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