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Case Study: Double New Patient Value and Have Your Patients Thank You For It!

In this installment of the Practice Perfection web-based education series we welcome back  Dr.  Peter Evans to share a Case Study entitled:

Double New Patient Value, And Have Your Patients Thank You For It!

Dr. Evans earned his Bachelor of Science degree from East Carolina University and then worked in cancer research for the National Institutes of Health, until he returned to graduate school and received his Master of Science degree in Microbiology and Immunology from the Medical College of Virginia, studying the chronic inflammatory process under Dr. Shaun Ruddy, and was 4 months from completing his research for his PhD when his passions led him to enter dental school.

He has served as adjunct faculty at Virginia Commonwealth University, teaching undergraduate Bacteriology and, in 1982, received his DDS from the Medical College in Virginia.

Dr. Evans has completed well over 2000 hours of advanced, continuing education.

He is Recipient of the prestigious Mastership from the Academy of General Dentistry.  Peter is practitioner, author, speaker, internationally renowned dental coach, and Founding Member of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (which is how we met), and an active member of numerous dental organizations.

Dr. Evans’ research and energy result in  innovative solutions drawn from inter-disciplinary fields from genetics, biology, medicine, psychology, biomechanics, bio-energetics, and physics, to the emerging and evolving discipline of BioCompatible dental care.

He is a leading expert on the topic of BioCompatible Dentistry and its effect on total body health, practice performance, as well as team motivation, and is why we’re so excited to have him join us again today.

As creator of BioCompatible Dentistry – for Whole Body Health and The Natural Path to Dental Profits, Evans has helped dental offices across the country and abroad improve efficiency, patient care, productivity and prosperity.

Questions answered during the session included:

  1. Where are you getting most of your new BioCompatible patients?
  2. How does the staff fit into this increased responsibility in the office?
  3. How do you go through your new patient exam?
  4. I can see opportunity here in networking with health food stores, other practitioners … anyone who services this market. What kind of networking do you do?
  5. A lot of patients are getting their amalgams out. How do the 7 diagnostic disciplines combine with this to help the patient?


AIM MarketingCase Study: Double New Patient Value and Have Your Patients Thank You For It!