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Discover the Operational Equity™ in your practice and BOOST your bottom line

Presenter: Diana Thompson, Dental Performance Institute

A Dental Practice Operations and Financial Analyst by trade, Diana’s clients and key opinion leaders praise her most for being innovative, honest, direct, and professional. Her approach incorporates a 360-degree assessment of business operations and financials, as well as the leader and team, to help the organization to truly see what is holding them back from generating revenue, improving efficiency, and advancing their practice growth goals.

Diana specializes in organizing, standardizing, and improving practice operations, patient and referral base retention, financial growth, increasing brand awareness, new business development, team building and communication, internal and external conflict management, acquisition to transition, the start-up practice, credentialing, and compliance.

As part of her process, she helps clients create and implement the training and team building programs required to ensure that cultural and other changes needed for growth occur and are sustainable well into the future.

Diana sees through the ‘white noise’ to help practices realize their full potential in a timely manner.

AIM MarketingDiscover the Operational Equity™ in your practice and BOOST your bottom line