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Keep your head out of the Clouds, but not your dental practice!

Jeff Burton, R.N., Founder and CEO of Lyon Dental

Burton is the founder and CEO of Lyon Dental, dedicated to advancing the Standard of Care in dental practice management.

He provides insight into the world of medical billing and documentation requirements for dentists whose focus is on oral appliance therapy and cranio-facial pain treatment, which places it squarely within the oral systemic practice model.

His company, Lyon Dental, recently worked with medical software developers to build a unique platform called MD Fusion, a cloud-based electronic health records (EHR) software that is critical to successful reimbursement and compliance with health insurance policies. Their medical billing services operate on the same platform and, in so doing fully integrate clinical documentation, scheduling, patient demographics, insurance and other key elements, resulting in efficient planning, delivery, and timely reimbursement of treatment.

Jeff presents the policy, licensure, enrollment, fees, and participation issues, as well as legal considerations, and the current and projected landscape of health insurance in the U.S. to help chart your winning dental practice course through these, sometimes confusing, medical reimbursement waters.

His training as a critical care nurse, coupled with a solid grounding in business management, enabled him to see and solve the challenges facing private practice dentists in balancing the clinical and financial sides of the “treatment coin.”

The result is Lyon Dental.

AIM MarketingKeep your head out of the Clouds, but not your dental practice!