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Keystone pathogens of the human mouth

Inflammatory Pathways & the Co-morbidities They Cause

Why Today’s Periodontal Diagnosis and Therapy are stuck in 1936, and what to do about it!


Thomas W. Nabors, DDS, FACD

About Our Presenter

Dr. Nabors Dr. Nabors has spent over 40 years researching and developing a clearer understanding between a medical grade  definition of periodontal infections and how these infections are directly related to chronic systemic diseases. He has many firsts in his career as well as numerous scientific awards and honors. He is a nationally recognized authority on the use of DNA-PCR as a critical component in both oral and general health / disease issues.

Attendees Will Understand…

  • The Two Historical Paths of Periodontology & Their Importance
  • Why the “Periodontal Probe” is not sufficient to Diagnose Disease
  • Why Periodontal Infections Differ from Patient to Patient
  • How and Why a Saliva Test has become the “Gold Standard” for Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
  • Why treating Periodontal Infections is not a “Procedure Driven” protocol
AIM MarketingKeystone pathogens of the human mouth