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Know your R.O.H. (Return On Hygiene) and Unleash Your Hygiene Team’s Potential!

Today’s presentation is entitled:

Know Your R.O.H. (Return On Hygiene)

As founder of Inspired Hygiene, Rachel Wall, RDH, BS inspires dental teams to improve their hygiene services and systems while increasing profitability.

Drawing from her 25 years of experience as a clinical hygienist and hygiene profitability coach, Rachel delivers to-the-point articles and, as you will soon see and hear, dynamic and informative speaking programs.

She has spoken for numerous major dental meeting venues including the Yankee Dental Congress, ADA and Hinman.

She received the 2012 Dental Excellence Award from for “Most Effective Dental Hygienist Educator,” and was named one of the Top 25 Women in Dentistry by Dental Products Report magazine.

Rachel’s core belief, and the premise of this presentation is that nearly every hygiene team has the potential to do more good for more patients.

Rachel reveals areas in the hygiene department that can be enhanced, refined, and further developed to realize a strong R.O.H. for patients, hygienists, and the practice.

I’ve known Rachel for years and always look forward to reading her social media posts, viewing her informative videos and of course, hearing her speak, which is why I’m so pleased and excited that she agreed to join us today.

Questions asked and answered during the webcast included:

  • How do I set a commission rate so it’s in line with 3:1 profitability?
  • I’m nervous about presenting perio treatment to patients I’ve been seeing for a long time when I haven’t mentioned it in the past. What’s the best way to talk to them about it?
  • Can you explain how it benefits the hygienist to recommend more perio treatment? If I can treat it in a prophy, it just seems like more work for me to explain the treatment and schedule another appointment.
  • It seems like the Doctor exam takes a huge amount of time in my appointment, what’s the best way to make this more efficient?
AIM MarketingKnow your R.O.H. (Return On Hygiene) and Unleash Your Hygiene Team’s Potential!