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Kill ’em Then Oxygenate ‘Em: Achieve Superior Dental Patient Outcomes

Today’s presentation is entitled:

Kill ‘em then Oxygente ‘em!
Achieve superior patient outcomes
with a firm gingival foundation and support future treatment

At least 47% of American adults have periodontitis. The premise of this presentation is that, with effective chemical debridement and oxygenation to decrease bacterial loads, combined with scaling, we can significantly reduce this number, and enhance dental patient outcomes.

Using a prescription tray, patients deliver medication into pockets in short intervals, at home, between office visits. Research shows that this delivery method, as an adjunct to scaling, leads to more significant pocket depth and bleeding reduction than scaling alone.

As the Managing Director for Perio Protect, LLC, Tanya Dunlap, PhD coordinates clinical research involving prescription tray delivery.

In today’s presentation, Dr. Dunlap identifies the obstacles and solutions to treatment implementation to help dental teams recognize opportunities for improved patient health.

Participants were cautioned about the dangers of incorporating techniques and procedures into their dental practices if the course has not provided them with adequate clinical experience to allow them to perform it competently.

Questions answered during Dr. Dunlap’s presentation included:

  • Does flossing tend to cross contaminate? MY QUESTION – think I know the answer.
  • Do you ever recommend trays for patients who have chronic decay?
  • What do you do if the patient has sensitivity?
    1. Do you have research comparing tray therapy to LAPT or LANAP?
    2. Is it recommended to do tray tx before implants? If so, for how long before the procedure?
  • How much do dental offices charge for trays and gel?
  • What about compliance?
  • Are there any side effects or contraindications for peroxide usage in these trays?
  • Can other medications be applied in the tray?
  • How long does treatment last? When do patients end the tray therapy?
  • Why the three drugs?
  • WHY don’t antibiotics work on biofilm long term?
  • Have studies been done about Fluoride health issues with
    such deep applications?
AIM MarketingKill ’em Then Oxygenate ‘Em: Achieve Superior Dental Patient Outcomes