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Referrals are the Lifeblood of your Dental Practice

5 small but simple tools to help increase patient referrals

Whether through dental plan write-offs or direct investment, practices spend considerable sums on their dental marketing plan. The reality is that, no matter how well a new patient acquisition tactic performs for you, an automated and reliable method for increasing patient referrals is essential to leveraging the return on any external marketing tactic.

The average practice converts just over a third of those actually referred into a kept appointment.

That’s why we were thrilled to have Dr. Robert Barrick join us.

In 2013 Dr. Barrick was dining with an orthodontist when they commiserated about the state of the then available referral systems.

This led to the birth of ReferralWeb.

Boasting more than 500 users, and 5,000 successful referrals, ReferralWeb is now the fastest growing dental patient referral system in use today.

Today’s presentation will share:

  • The key to increasing patient referrals by understanding what compels a patient to refer their
    friends and family.
  • How to identify and practice the ‘5 small and simple’ things that send patients
    shouting your name from the roof tops• Ways to increase Referrals from other Doctors and Professionals


  • How to implement the systems and techniques to turn every referral into an appointment
AIM MarketingReferrals are the Lifeblood of your Dental Practice