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50 HIPAA Security Tips to Protect Your Practice and Your Reputation

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50 Tips to Protect Your Practice, and Your Reputation

The HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules have recently upped the ante for fines relating to the security and privacy of protected health information or PHI. As a healthcare provider, you are required to prove you have implemented Administrative, Technical and Physical Safeguards within your practice.

Jeff Broudy is a leader in HIPAA compliance and patient data protection. He is the CEO of PCI HIPAA, which specializes in helping medical and dental practices mitigate risks relating to HIPAA requirements and data protection, quickly, easily, and affordably.

He has assembled a team of experts, including certified risk advisors, customer success specialists, and HIPAA lawyers. Most recently, PCI HIPAA was endorsed by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, as well as the American Osteopathic Association to help their Members navigate HIPAA law, and protect patient data.

Since 2012, PCI HIPAA’s OfficeSafe compliance program has helped protect thousands of medical and dental practices nationwide.

While navigating HIPAA law can feel overwhelming, by the end of this session you will learn about the top requirements and vulnerabilities surrounding HIPAA compliance and data breach protection.  You’ll also leave with several steps you can implement today to protect your practice, and your reputation.

Questions answered during the webcast included:

  1. Does HIPAA give a certification to dentists?
  2. How does Data Breach coverage protect my dental practice?
  3. We are on the cloud for our dental software can you tell me exactly what i need to get from them to keep on hand at the office stating that our patient files are encrypted on their end?
  4. We have a IT person at our dental office that does all our backing up of files is this the same information i am needing from them that i need to keep on file in the office?
  5. How can my employees be trained on this?
  6. Does my IT provider have to be HIPAA compliant?
  7. If I am PCI Compliant, am I HIPAA compliant? 
AIM Marketing50 HIPAA Security Tips to Protect Your Practice and Your Reputation