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Make the Oral Systemic Connection TODAY: Simple Steps to Profitably Incorporate Oral Systemics into Your Practice

As the Founding Father of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH), Dr. Chris Kammer has been an advocate of the dental profession’s application of oral systemic health principles for over 30 years.


Attendees learned 

-How to identify oral systemic needs in your practice, both in your
patients and in your team.

-How to teach your patients to advocate for their own oral systemic

-How to empower your team to look for, diagnose, and treat oral
systemic disease.

-Testing methods to provide empirical data to your at-risk patients.

-How to address primary care physicians that may not be on the same
page as oral systemic minds.

-How to follow up with patients and ensure compliance in home care.

-How to implement dental treatment techniques that will vastly

increase a dental practice’s bottom line

-An office plan to implement oral systemics

-Lifestyle strategies to embrace the H2W mindset

-A core network of oral systemic professionals to reference and

-Tools to build a healthier, happier, and wealthier practice

Chris brings this wealth of knowledge to bear in this high impact webcast, Chris will bring to you the essential treatment processes needed to see the dynamic change in practice-wide health. From systemic testing, to addressing genetic inheritance, Dr. Kammer uses the latest in whole-body dentistry to help open his patients’ eyes to the risks associated with out-of-control periodontal disease.

Chris talked about the basics of diagnosis, the scripts and verbiage needed to accurately educate your team and patients, and the procedures that will boost your bottom line…. all while improving the health of your patients, as well as your entire team! This presentation will highlight the best of what is really working in his office and other Gums of Steel offices around the country.

Step 1: Getting the team on board, front to back. Equip them with good health and the scripts and tolls to promote systemic health to patients.

Step 2: Diagnose patients. Systemic testing. Advanced “new patient form” content. Looking for genetics and visible risk factors.

Step 3 Treatment protocol. Patient followup. Homecare

Questions that were answered during the session included:

-What is the best way to engage your team in treating PD?

-Why is there neglect over chronic PD and its relation to oral systemics,
both in local dental offices and in major dental associations?

-What are the best methods of engaging your patients in systemic health

-Who are the most important members of the dental team, in regards to
oral systemics, and why?

-Why did you start AAOSH?

The audience was polled to determine:

  1. How many of our attendees actively diagnose, treat, and control PD
    in their office?
  2. How many attendees admittedly have a form of PD and have not
    followed up with their primary care physician in regards to
    systemic illness that could be caused or heightened by PD?
  3. How many attendees regularly keep up with AAOSH and oher
    think-tanks on the cutting edge of oral systemic science and
AIM MarketingMake the Oral Systemic Connection TODAY: Simple Steps to Profitably Incorporate Oral Systemics into Your Practice