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The New Dental Patient Grid™ : How To Have New Patients Accept Your Best Care

Today’s presentation is entitled:

The New Patient Grid™
How To Have New Patients Accept Your Best Care
And Keep Them For A Life Time

Peter S. Evans, MS, DDS, MAGD is president of The BioCompatible Dentist, LLC, a company that provides education and resources for dentists about whole body dentistry. He is a practitioner, author, speaker, national dental coach and a founding member of The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health.

Dr. Evans’ expertise lies in his ability to research and bring innovative solutions to the emerging evolution of dentistry to include whole body care and thereby create patient value.

As creator of The Natural Path to Dentistry for Whole Body Health a multimedia, educational resource for dentists, Dr. Evans has helped dental offices across the country and abroad increase their efficiency, patient care, productivity and prosperity.

The New Patient Grid™ replaces the old new patient exam taught in most dental schools.

Success comes in learning first what your patient wants, then ethically influencing them to help them to accept that care.

Questions answered during Dr. Evans’ presentation included: 

  1. What if a new patient wants the work but has money concerns? 
  1. How does this work with my hygienist? My hygienist sees all of our new patients.
  1. What kinds of answers do you get, and how do you respond to those answers to the “What kind of dentist are you looking for?” How many offer anything other than a variant of ‘aren’t all dentists alike?’
  1. When do you take x-rays or go over the health history?
  1. I am interested in the part about The Agreement. Can you give us more information about the workshop?
  1. Why is the tried and true case presentation ‘old hat’?
  1. How does this avoid selling the case at presentation?

  2. Do you have this conversation with the patient in a consult room or in an operatory?
AIM MarketingThe New Dental Patient Grid™ : How To Have New Patients Accept Your Best Care